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Thank you for visiting the home of the Timing Service.

Timing is a crucial element for many traders world wide. The reports provided with this service combine timing of Intermediate, Medium, and Long term points along with technical studies to define high probability trade set-ups in each commodity sector and the Forex Majors.

Over the past two years, a fund manager who managed money for my father-in-law, Welles Wilder, introduced himself to me and started mentoring me using his logic on price. 

My background for trading commodities started in 1997 when I began working for the Delta Society under the leadership of Welles Wilder. My first undertaking was to understand Delta Timing and trade selection for higher probability trade set-ups. Learning to combine all three time frames with the view of a weekly chart has been very beneficial in my trade analysis. My trading experience includes day trading T-Bonds and the E-mini S&P with directors of the society.  

Risk and reward, money management, and the use of technical indicators rounded out my trading knowledge as I took on the responsibility of managing the commodity division of the Delta Society.

Thank you for including me in your trading program. My hope is that your profit increases with the use of the Timing Service because "Timing is EVERYTHING."

Trade Well,
Kirby Cooper